Choose dynamic asset management to keep track of what is valuable.

Rapid Setup

A database of assets can be generated rapidly in the field or from the office, with a powerful field app, barcode scanning capabilities, and highly configurable architecture. 

Easily import both legacy data and current records, and synchronize with open-protocol Active Directory and other databases.

AM-Cloud, setup
AM-Cloud, structure

Flexible Structure

Easily add dozens of unique fields, from asset attributes to location types. AM-Cloud folds around your needs, capturing your inventory as it is, with ease. 

Scalable Architecture

Powerful search queries make it simple to navigate your records no matter the size and scale of your inventory.

Comprehensive Logging

Monitor the movement of assets, from first acquisition to retirement, with comprehensive transfer histories and statuses. Log faults and conditions, track resolutions, and identify maintenance needs with a variety of flexible reports. Auto-synchronization supports communication across multiple devices and logged-in users. Offline capabilities make it easy for users to update records in the field, no matter how remote. 

AM-Cloud, logging

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