C2-Journey TimeC2-Journey Time

Keep your finger on the pulse with C2-Journey Time, visualising live and historic route journey times and powerful Origin-Destination analysis.

C-2 Journey Time is A Submodule of C2-Traffic

Add the Drakewell C2-Journey Time module to C2-Traffic, our market-leading traffic data management system.  Manage your journey and travel pattern data alongside other traffic data, with vital reporting, map views, and data visualization

Route Journey Times

Live journey times, comparing live journey times against historic baselines, and historic playback to review travel on your network during an event or incident. 

C2-Journey Time, route journey times
C2-Journey Time, origin destnation


Flexible analysis to interrogate how vehicles enter, exit, and move within your network


Intuitive reports for journey time trends and patterns by time of day, day of week, month, and year.


Our experienced team of analysts have developed algorithms for fast, flexible data filtering to present reliable journey times for informed decisions. Drakewell customers have relied upon our progressive Journey Time software for many years. We gladly co-operate with device manufacturers and industry colleagues to stay at the cutting edge of live data capture and processing. The Drakewell matching engine can handle Bluetooth MAC address, ANPR, Wi-Fi and data API reads, all typically anonymised either at souzce, or upon processing into the encrypted Drakewell database for privacy protection.

C2-Journey Time, reports

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