Public InterfaceEnd of Year Processing 

Annualized Statistics for HPMS submittal, data distribution, and reporting. 

End of Year Processing is A Submodule of C2-Traffic

Add the Drakewell End of Year Processing (EOYP) module to C2-Traffic, our market-leading traffic data management system.  Validate data, manage sites and factor groups, generate statistics, and enter site-specific notes, all in a step-by-step, streamlined workflow to prepare your datasets for HPMS submittal, annualized data distribution, and auditing of statistical methodology.

C2-Traffic also offers a TMAS Export Submodule, which is kept up to date with previous and current TMG Formats.


The EOYP Submodule refines end of year processing into an orderly, comprehensive, step-by-step process. A process that may take months working out of ad hoc spreadsheets and projects, can be completed in days, with C2-Traffic's integrated End of Year Tools. Manage factor groups, datasets, statistics, and submittal comments in one place, with step-by-step processing and data preparation.

Configurable Methodology

EOYP supports a variety of different methodologies for different customers, and is being continuously updated to support new federal guidelines and methodology, allowing each agency a high level of statistical flexibility. EOYP supports HPMS submittal in the US and has also been used in Australia and the UK. 

Trusted Across the U.S.

A seasoned team of analysts is available to work closely with you to ensure that End of Year is completed smoothly. Our support team is highly experienced with statistical analysis, HPMS, TMAS, and other FHWA guidelines. At Drakewell, we highly support all aspects of the C2-Cloud Suite and know the importance of working with your data team to complete EOY on schedule. 

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