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Publish approved traffic data and statistics with C2-Traffic's Public Interface, a geographic hub for data sharing.

Present and share data as you choose

Implement your Public Interface as a central module of our market-leading traffic data management system. Manage your sites, data, and statistics with vital reporting, map views and data visualization.

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Drakewell has numerous client public interfaces available on the web, including: 

Geographic View

Share with consumers a map-view of all sites, with popups to display recent data, sidebars to provide guidance and context, links to additional reports and data sets, and powerful, route-based visualization options.

Public Interface, geographic view

Site by Site Dashboards

Supply public data consumers with an in-depth, user-friendly site dashboard, featuring configurable widgets and charts. Approve years, months, and other periods for public view, and share easily with a link-based view. Dashboard variations are available for Permanent Counts, Temporary Counts, and Bike/Ped (Active Travel) data. Additional variations are available by data-level, including class, weight, length, and speed widgets.

Public Interface, dashboards


Choose periods of data to share, with a tabular calendar interface that can present decades of data for public use. Flexible, intuitive reports can be run by public users for self-service volume, class, speed, length, and weight reports with intuitive charts and graphs.

Intuitive and Trusted Data Interface

Drakewell public interfaces provide powerful, user-friendly data sharing tools to the public sector for clients across the globe. We gladly partner with clients in configuring public-facing reports to address known data needs, frequently requested data sets, and goals and objectives for the client. Our team of data analysts and developers have decades of experience supporting public agencies with their data needs.

Public Interface, reports

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